Nepal is land locked country, bordered by the Tibetan autonomous Region of China  to the north and by the Republic  of India to the east, west and south . Nepal can be divided into three geographically distinct parts- the High Mountains (including Mount Everest) in the north, a central Mountainous region and the Tarai (or Plains ) in the south. Nepal’s Status as a closed kingdom continued until 1950, and has been the cause of much of its under-developed. The geo-political situation of Nepal has done much to produce the distinctive qualities of the Nepalese worker-diligence, dignity, respect and a sheer devotion to making a living by hard work.   These traits have along been recognized by the British in their Gurkha Soldiers, Recruited only in Nepal and with a world renowned, two hundred year old reputation as Britain’s, most trusted soldiers. More recently, an increasing number of employers in the gulf, South East Asia, Africa and around the world have come to acknowledge the advantages of Nepalese workers, and have change their international recruitment policies accordingly, the main reasons for this are :
  • The Extreme sense of responsibility, discipline and work ethic of Nepalese worker.
  • The strong sense of loyalty and devotion to duty of Nepalese workers.
  • The peace-loving   nature of Nepalese’s.
  • The experience and ability of Nepalese workers in extreme climatic condition.
  • The cost effectiveness of Nepalese workers.
  • The wide choice of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers ready and rapidly available from Nepal in almost all fields of employment.
  • The Comparative simplicity of procedure and formalities for employing Nepalese workers.
  • The convenience of air transportation to and from Nepal for the international labor importing nations.